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100% LIFE, A Year Of Courage

Today is the 365th day of the war. It has been a year of courage, sacrifice, organization, cohesion and strength. We are people from communities and key groups, and we are not the professional military. In our schools, we were taught neither military art nor the skills of surviving under shelling or rescuing people from combat zones. All this was taught to us by the war, or rather, by love for our relatives and friends. At the time when everything we care about happened to be in danger, the world has changed. To save what is important to us, we have all got transformed into courage, aspiration and determination. Love is the most important weapon on Earth. It gave us strength to survive this difficult year. Our mission is to FIGHT FOR LIFE. Our key goal is not only to prevail, but also to save everyone’s life during this combat. During the year, CO 100% Life has turned into 200% motivation, stubbornness, and invincibility. I am grateful to each of our employees, social workers, clients, doctors, and partners for having survived this year; and we are moving forward,”— said Dmytro Sherembey, Head of CO 100% Life. 


The 24th February 2022 is a new starting point in the history of Ukraine and CO 100% Life, the largest patient organization. A year has passed since Russia’s full-scale war began in Ukraine. This text captures the story of what we have managed to do within that year for our common victory over the enemy, a victory which we believe to be closer every day.  


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