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“TOKENS OF LIFE”: a collaboration between 100% Life and the SIX fashion brand

“A badge of life, a badge of memory that we can wear in honor of those people we want to honor, or when we want to capture a moment for the rest of our lives,” said Dmitry Sherembey, chairman of the Coordination Council of the “100% Life”. – This is a badge on which you can write any name – a person you value, remember, love. This badge will be the physical storage medium in our digital age. The most important thing is that this project brings benefits and income to our fund and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We will use everything we get from the sale to help people who need it and to provide logistics for our military. ”


The first badge, which was made for Dmitry Sherembey, went as a lot to the charity auction of the Venice Biennale.

The design of the badges was developed by a talented Ukrainian graphic designer Anastasia Leonova, a former employee of the organization.

Currently, the products are available in some versions, including silver and gold – you can buy them on the site.


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