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Patients and NGOs around the world appealed to the UN Security Council

An Emergency Session of the UN Security Council  over the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia will take place today. As of the morning of February 28, more than 120 NGOs from around the world have signed an Appeal to the UN, provided by the largest patient organization, CO “100 PERCENT LIFE”. Appeal aims to support concrete steps to protect the lives of millions of Ukrainians currently suffering from military aggression by the Russian Federation.

Representatives of the UN mission in more than 200 countries received personalized appeals to support the position of civil society.


Today Ukraine is fighting a fierce battle for its life, freedom, and independence. And this is not a figure of speech, but a real war that has come to the streets of Ukrainian cities, to peaceful homes, destroyed the way of life of millions of Ukrainian families, and taken the lives of civilians, including children.


Military actions are leading to a humanitarian catastrophe, the consequences of which are already being felt in Europe – in the first two days of Russian aggression alone, 150,000 Ukrainian refugees crossed the border into Europe, according to the European Commissioner for Refugees. 

We, the patient organization, CO “100 PERCENT LIFE”, have been fighting for the health of our fellow citizens for 20 years, and today we will not allow the enemy to kill us in the war!  


On behalf of 40 million patients in Ukraine, on behalf of millions of people in solidarity with us around the world, we call on the UN Security Council to act now to stop Russian aggression before it is too late. Stop this war!


 We urge:

  1. NATO No-Fly-Zone over Ukraine.
  2. Ammunition and weapons supplies:
  3. all-arms air defence system,
  4. anti-UAV defence system,
  5. more heavy weapons,
  6. early warning systems for missile attacks,
  7. body armour and other PPE including medical toolkits by NATO/EU standards and combat lifesaver backpacks


  • Cut Visa and Mastercard services for Russia.
  • Arrest assets of ALL Russian oligarchs and their family members, ban entry for them and their families, kick them out of your country – they are Putin wallets and enabled this war.
  • Isolate Russia from the world economy and financial markets.
  • Cut access for all Russian planes and vessels to your territory.
  • Exclude Russia immediately from the UN Security Council.
  • Provide guarantees for the safe evacuation of people across the country.
  • Bring humanitarian aid into Ukraine and to the borders, where refugees are crossing.
  • Introduce “ Marshall plan” with billions $ of direct aid to rebuild Ukrainian infrastructure.
  • Ukraine membership in NATO and EU.


Every day is important, every point is important. We, patient and public organizations, support these demands and call for the support of Ukraine!

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