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100% Life signed a Memorandum with Peace Winds Japan to launch a project to supply medicines to Ukrainian hospitals

At the request of the Medical Procurement State Enterprise, the Kharkiv Oblast Clinical Hospital received medicines to help patients who have suffered during the hostilities. 7,291 packs of medicines, including painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, hemostasis, etc. have been delivered to hospitals in Kharkiv and the region based on their needs.  


Medicines were purchased by CO 100% Life with the support of the Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) NGO, which is engaged in supporting people in distress in the war zone. The organization operates in 33 regions of the world that have faced hostilities, armed conflicts, etc.


100% Life and Peace Winds Japan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to supply medicines to Ukrainian hospitals aiming at the needs of people affected by the hostilities.


“For our organization, this has been the first experience of cooperation with partners coming from Japan.  The assistance has literally reached us from the other end of the world. We are grateful to our Japanese partners for their prompt response, which allowed us to provide assistance to dozens of Ukrainians who found themselves in the zone of hostilities. We hope for, and work at, expanding our partnership,” says Dmytro Sherembey, Chairman of 100% Life. 


Since the outbreak of Russia’s war in Ukraine, we have seen unprecedented support from every corner of the world.


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