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Activists of the drug addict community signed a Memorandum of Understanding

On January 15, 2018, the two largest Ukrainian organizations that represent interests of people who use drugs (PWUD), the CO “All-Ukrainian Association of People with Drug Dependence (WAVE)” and the CF “All-Ukrainian Consumer Network of Ukraine,” signed a memorandum of understanding at the office of the All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH.

This is an important step for productive and widespread activities in the framework of the new round of the Global Fund and towards the liberalization of the narcotic drugs legislation.

Representatives of these organizations noted that they had such an understanding of the current drug policy issues in Ukraine. The mobilization of community efforts is an important task facing the leaders of the PWUD community.

Here is the text of the memorandum:

Memorandum of Understanding

Following joint meetings, the authorities of the CO “All-Ukrainian Association of People with Drug Dependence (WAVE)” and the CF “All-Ukrainian Consumer Network of Ukraine” have come to the conclusion that the organizations representing interests of PWUD (people who use drugs) have mutual visions of goals and tasks, such as drug policy humanization and drug use decriminalization, the community of drug users face in Ukraine.

They also have a general consensus that every organization plans to protect rights of people who use drugs and universal access to prevention programmes, including OST ones, which are an effective mechanism to respond HIV/AIDS, TB and viral hepatitis epidemic and integral condition to reach the Fast Track 90/90/90 targets that the government must finance. During the interim period from donor’s to state’s budgeting of harm reduction programmes, both organizations aimed to provide sustainable services by state.

The organizations similarly understand the challenges in the sphere of the drug policy in Ukraine. All participants came to the conclusion that community mobilization is an important task for leaders of PWUD communities and they respect each other’s wishes to implement their plans.

Both organizations reached the agreement that activists representing PWUD communities must maintain friendly attitude and demonstrate constructive relationships with each other and in the public.

Signatures of the parties:

Oleg Dymaretskyi, the executive director of CO “All-Ukrainian Association of People with Drug Dependence (WAVE)”

Anna Garkusha, the chairman of the board of the CF “All-Ukrainian Consumer Network of Ukraine”

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