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Peer to Peer: CO «100% LIFE» сonducts ToT for I-TECH trainers

On March 26-28, the steering meeting of trainers on the preparation of training  «Patient’s School: Improving Approaches, Effective Counseling Tools, Clinical Evidence Base and Best International Practices» was organized in Kyiv by the CO «100%Life» in partnership with the International Training & Education Center for Health ( I-TECH).

During the three days of the meeting, the participants were introduced to the best practices of medical and social support for PLHIV, methods for forming adherence to treatment, motivational practices for engaging PLHIV partners into testing, and discussed the prospects for using generic ARV drugs, Test and Start strategies and effective methods to overcome stigma and discrimination.


«One of the main problems we face today are lost patients. That is why the training and motivation of social workers are of key importance for our work. Thanks to innovative methods of our partners from I-TECH, we are not only contributing to the professional growth of social and medical workers, but also helping thousands of patients to start treatment and find the desire to live,” – says Ekaterina Pandeli,  «100%Life» expert.

In addition to the theory participants also reviewed practical exercises on the tactics of the sessions and discussed possible ways to improve and refine the training modules for social and medical workers.

«Feedback is probably one of the most important aspects of the training, because it allows us to improve and adjust the approaches according to the local context. During the training, we pay attention to the latest scientific research, best international practices and how they work in Ukraine. This helps us to train our colleagues more effectively and help them find workable ways of interacting with patients,» – says I-TECH project training Olena Kulakovska.

The project is aimed to train 500 social workers and nurses to become agents of change in the field.

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