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The “100% Life” network enhances the potential of community representatives from the SEZA region

On October 18-19, 100% Life conducted a multi-country training “Strengthening the capacity of communities to participate in the Global Fund grant cycle and CCM work” for community representatives from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine with the support of the Global Network of People Living with HIV ( GNP +).

Community involvement in the country coordinating mechanisms (CCM) and advocacy aimed at the improvement of HIV response sustainability became the main topics of discussion.

At the training experts presented the best Ukrainian practices regarding involvement of community representatives into the work of the National Council on Tuberculosis and HIV/ AIDS, budget advocacy at the local and regional levels, as well as strategies for anti-corruption monitoring of drug purchases and optimization of treatment regimens. Participants also had the opportunity to share best advocacy experience through CCM and discuss priorities for using these mechanisms in their countries.

Sergii Dmytriiev, Director for Policy and Advocacy of the CO “100%Life”,  notes:

“This training will help to launch important changes at the country levels to strengthen community advocacy through country coordination mechanisms. The potential of communities should be maximized in order to increase the sustainability of services and support the implementation of the Transition Plan”


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