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The “Take Care of Yourself” animated series is now available on Youtube.

We are happy to share with you a fresh project developed by the “Your Family Doctor” team in partnership with the USAID HealthLink project in response to challenges of wartime and designed to share knowledge about basic mental self-care among doctors and all Ukrainians.


The “Take Care of Yourself” animated series is now available on Youtube. Eight concise animated videos feature experienced psychology and psychotherapy professionals who recommend simple self-care exercises for difficult situations and explain in lay terms how the body operates in stressful or traumatic events:

  1.   What do you do when you can’t do anything? About the state of dissociation and ways to get out of it. 
  2.   How not to feel guilty of the so-called normal life? How to enjoy the benefits of a peaceful life and not to blame yourself for being safe?
  3.   What to do when a child gets naughty and how to calm a child in stressful situations?
  4. How to prevent emotional burnout and keep one’s ability to work?
  5. What to do when you feel insignificant and when everyone seems more important than you are? 
  6. How to help a close one to survive a loss?
  7.   What to do if you are haunted by oppressive thoughts? How to get rid of obsessive memories?
  8. How do you help yourself or another person to survive violence?

In addition to the series, we have prepared media products for regional and national media about basic self-care in case of stress and traumatic events, as well as a brochure for primary care physicians on basic psychological first aid. It is available for you at this link; we invite you to download it and share it with your healthcare colleagues.


 The brochure explains:

  • how you can recognize the patient’s need for psychological assistance
  • what you should and should not say to a person in a difficult emotional state
  • how you can come in contact with yourself to provide care without harming your psychological health. 

All products were prepared by the “Your Family Doctor” project team with the involvement of psychotherapists Tetiana Vegera, Oleksii Karachinskyi, Andrii Kozinchuk, Vanui Martirosyan and Alina Kasilova. Anastasia Falileyeva, animation expert, was the series director. The project has been successfully implemented with the support of  the USAID HealthLink project.


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