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The patient organization defends its rights on an international level

On October 20, 2020, we, the CO “100 PERCENT LIFE” (hereinafter –  CO “100% LIFE”) officially sent our demands to the American lawyer and public figure Rudy Giuliani. This is the first and important part of our strategy to prevent the dissemination of libel against our organization in America.

We remind you that Rudy Giuliani published two expanded video blogs on his Youtube channel, where he mentions the activities of our organization in the context of the alleged embezzlement of $134 million allocated by the US government for people with AIDS. During the recording, Giuliani demonstrates the documents of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine since 2017 in English, which were given to him by the Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andriy Derkach. Rudi Giuliani and Andriy Derkach accuse the Head of our organization Dmytro Sherembey of “embezzling $134 million from the American government” and report that the National Police of Ukraine has initiated a criminal case upon the statement by Andriy Derkach.

All information disseminated by Mr. Giuliani and Andriy Derkach regarding the CO “100% Life” is false, unconfirmed and tarnishes the business reputation of our organization. In connection with this, we were forced to request Rudy Giuliani to do the following:


  1. Remove all statements, media, videos and other means of communication related to or mentioning the CO “100% LIFE” and/or its Head of the Coordination Council Dmytro Sherembey from any public platforms directly or indirectly controlled by Mr. Giuliani; 
  2. Refrain from any misleading statements in the future; 
  3. Make a public apology and refutation, stating that the CO “100% LIFE” and Dmytro Sherembey were erroneously and falsely slandered because of the information provided by Andriy Derkach and Andriy Telizhenko.


Now Mr. Giuliani has 5 days to voluntarily fulfill our demands. Otherwise, we reserve the right to resort to an American court.

Jeffrey Robinson of Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss law firm is the official attorney to support our requests.

“If Mr. Giuliani does not voluntarily fulfill our demands, we will apply to the American court for the protection of our violated rights”, comments Mariya Ignatushina, head of the legal department of the СO “100% Life” BO. “We will not leave any illegal actions aimed at us, as at the largest patient organization, without legal consequences and an adequate response. We are already fighting against the slander by Andriy Derkach in the national court, and we are confident to obtain overwhelming victory. It is not the first time for us to protect the reputation of our organization from lies and false information spread by the MPs. But the truth is with us”.

Dmytro Sherembey, head of the CO “100% Life”: “And it will happen to everyone who is stupid enough to slander public organizations. The non-governmental sector is the main driver of reforms in Ukraine, and of course, corrupt officials do not like this. But that doesn’t mean they can intimidate or stop us”.

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